Former Chief Minister and Leader of Opposition in the Legislative Assembly Devendra Fadnavis attended the all-party meeting convened by Chief Minister Uddhav Thackeray and raised the following issues.

1. Currently corona test reports are coming in at intervals of three to ten days. They will arrive in 24 hours as before, focus on that. If reports don’t come soon, you won’t be able to stop Corona effectively.

2. All laboratories should be given a meeting and given clear instructions. If one person in the household is positive, the other members of the household are also given positive reports immediately. This hinders your fight against the corona.

3. Although it is said that remedies are available in government hospitals, they are not available in private hospitals. Some companies are willing to give it to the state government. So if discussed by the government, it will be easily and immediately available in the state.

4. There is a great shortage in terms of oxygen. This requires a lot of attention. Urgent efforts are needed to make oxygen available in large quantities.

5. In view of the infection rate in Maharashtra, proper management of hospital admissions and discharge patients is required. More beds will have to be made out of it. Facilities that were closed will have to be rebuilt.

6. In the past, the infection rate was higher in urban areas and lower in rural areas. It is no longer the case. Therefore, priority should be given to increase facilities in rural areas as well.

7. There should be restrictions. But the mass outbreak should also be considered. In order to find a way out of this, the sentiments of small businessmen, retailers, hairdressers and other businessmen have to be taken into consideration. Because of the persistent financial crisis, they are now exhausted.
Their problems, the financial crisis of various elements are no longer considered and if you impose restrictions, those people will take to the streets again and then you will not be able to do anything. Therefore, they need to be given some options / solutions / help immediately.

8. Some formulas should be decided as to which area can run and with which options. What needs to be done is to think about what can be done to help them. As a state, we can recover some things in the future. But, if these elements are consumed, they will never come out again.

9. The government is cutting off electricity connections. The status of the power board can be discussed later. But, given the pandemic situation today, giving relief to the masses should be the top priority of the government. Now if the government could not help them, when will they?

10. The state government will have to consider such factors as flowers outside the temples, haircuts. While the government cannot provide full compensation, at least they can survive, the state government should consider.

11. We will explain to the people all together. But the state government has to understand what the people are saying.

12. Don’t do politics, while giving this advice to us, if the ministers of the ruling party are giving daily interviews, it would not be right to expect unilateral cooperation from us. Our position is that there should be a golden middle ground between public opinion and the prevention of corona.

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