From Age Criteria, Process, Type Of Vaccines, Know Everything About The Launch

In a bid to stem the second wave of Covid-19, the government will allow vaccination at both public and private workplaces with about 100 eligible and willing beneficiaries aged 45 years and above from 11 April.

What’s the order?

Now, the workplaces will be soon be able to start vaccination drives at work places with the Centre directing states and Union Territories to prepare for the launch. Union Health Secretary Rajesh Bhushan in a letter to the chief secretaries said a substantial proportion of the population aged 45 years and above is in the organised sector of the economy and is involved in formal occupation in offices (government and private) or manufacturing and services.

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“In order to increase the access of vaccine to these populations, Covid-19 vaccination sessions may be organised at workplaces (both public and private) which are having about 100 eligible and willing beneficiaries by tagging these workplaces with an existing COVID vaccination centre,” Health Secretary Rajesh Bhushan said in the letter.

The Centre has asked states and Union Territories to make adequate preparations and issued guidelines in this regard.

Who is eligible to take the vaccination in office?

Office goers who are above 45 years of age will be eligible to get the vaccination. Starting April 1, those who are born before January 1, 1977 can opt for the jab. It is to be noted that the new notification by the health ministry, dated April 6, does not modify or alter that. In fact, it categorically says “employees of Work Place aged above 45 years or more will be eligible for vaccination at Work Place”.

Will relatives of employees be allowed to take the jab at office?

According to the notification, “no outsiders including eligible family members will be allowed for vaccination at ‘CVC (Covid Vaccination Centre) at Work Place’.”

When can you get the vaccination?

The vaccination centres in states/Union Territories is expected to be start the drive from April 11. The state authorities will discuss the essentials with public and private sector employers and management before they go ahead with the drive.

Which offices can have vaccination centres?

It is to be noted that vaccination centres will be launched at workplaces with 100 or more willing and eligible beneficiaries, a criterion set to prevent vaccination wastage.

How safe are such vaccination centres in offices?

The vaccination centre in government offices will be linked to the nearest vaccination facility at a government hospital. Similarly, in private offices such centres will be tagged to the nearest vaccination facility at a private hospital. All such designated government and private hospital centres will implement the drive and remain responsible for vaccination drive at workplace centres under them.

What type of  vaccination will be available at work place?

One type of vaccine will be provided at such sessions that are conducted at the Work Places. This is necessary to avoid mixing of vaccine types in 1st and 2nd dose of a beneficiary. Beneficiaries at the Work Place who have already received one dose of a vaccine different from the one being administered at the Work Place CVC shall not be vaccinated at session in the Work Place CVC. They are expected to get the second dose of the same vaccine at an appropriate Covid-19 vaccination centre. However, those who have received same vaccine as first dose may be provided second dose at the Work Place CVC.

How will the workplaces be identified?

A district task force chaired by the district magistrate and an urban task force chaired by the municipal commissioner will decide on such centres at workplace. The workplace management will select a senior staffer as the nodal officer to coordinate with the authorities.

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