The working class should be considered before the government takes a tough decision, BJP Mahila Morcha state president Uma Khapre’s demand to Thackeray government

Corona’s condition is getting worse in the state, it is necessary to make strict rules for it, but before taking any decision, one should consider the hardworking women and mothers and sisters in the state. Uma Khapre, state president of the Bharatiya Janata Party’s Mahila Morcha, has demanded in a press release that the government should take a decision on the part of the unorganized working class, domestic workers, agricultural laborers and women working in small and big companies.

Ms. Uma Khapre said that the government needs to take drastic steps as the number of corona patients is increasing in the state. However, if lockdown is imposed, the question of how to support the family after all the transactions have come to a standstill remains before the women. Their house is run on the daily income of housewives and farm laborers. The government should take a decision only after announcing a special financial package for these hardworking women to keep their homes burning during this lockdown.

Mrs. Khapre said that on Friday, the Chief Minister of the state interacted with the people. In this dialogue, he considered it a blessing to criticize only the opponent. Instead of this criticism, it would have been appropriate to discuss what we are going to do in this difficult situation, how we are going to get the people, the state out of all these situations. However, he raised the question of how the people should trust the Chief Minister who could not carry out his responsibilities as per his declaration ‘My family is my responsibility’.

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